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TPX has a very wide range of applications due to its outstanding and unique transparency, heat resistance and chemical resistance. Typical applications include medical equipment, laboratory equipment, small appliances, ovenware, baking boxes, release paper, wire and cable coating, and some industrial uses. Currently, Mitsui Chemicals is the only manufacturer/seller of TPX in the world. TPX is a 4-methylpentene based polyolefin. 4-methylpentene can be obtained by dimerization of propylene, and TPX is a copolymer of 4-methylpentene, as shown below:

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

main features

The properties of TPX are somewhat similar to polyolefins. For example, some mechanical properties of TPX are quite similar to polypropylene. Of course, TPX also has its special features. The glass transition temperature (Tg) of TPX is approximately between 20°C and 30°C. Therefore, the mechanical properties of TPX at or below room temperature are different from those at high temperatures. The mechanical properties of TPX at or below room temperature are similar to polypropylene, but the elongation at break and impact strength are slightly lower. However, at high temperature, TPX exhibits better flexibility, so it has relatively high elongation at break and impact strength. As long as the molded products of transparent grade TPX can maintain a good shape and have no notch, its impact resistance strength can be compared with that of polypropylene homopolymer, and is better than that of polystyrene (general grade). In addition, the bending modulus of transparent grade TPX is also similar to that of polypropylene.

TPX has excellent creep resistance. The creep behavior of TPX at 20°C and a stress of 50 kg/cm2 is shown in Figure 1. It can be seen from Figure 1 that the creep resistance of TPX is superior to that of polypropylene copolymer and high-density polyethylene.

optical properties


Main grade physical properties


Molding conditions


Material Application Example

螺絲 - 複製.JPG

PEEK screw


PEEK gasket, PEEK slide


PEEK bushing, PEEK roller


PEEK bearings, PEEK balls


PEEK mechanical parts


PEEK axis


PEEK connector


PEEK drawstring

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