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ARLEN is a high temperature resistant nylon PA6T (Modified Polyamide 6T) thermoplastic engineering plastic developed by Mitsui Chemicals Inc. At the same time, it has excellent heat resistance and low moisture absorption, and has been widely used in various electronic and electrical parts of Reflow process and related parts around automobile and motorcycle engines.
PA6T is polymerized through the reaction of terephthalic acid and hexamethylenediamine. Due to its special structure, it has low moisture absorption, high temperature resistance, and dimensional stability, which are beyond the reach of ordinary nylon materials. ARLEN also has the properties of thermoplastic plastics. It is easy to form during injection and is not easy to fluff. It also makes it an engineering plastic with high added value. Carbon fiber, glass fiber and color adjustment can also be added to meet the needs of various customers. , Tm (melting point) over 300 ° C; Tg (glass transition temperature) 85 ~ 125 ° C.

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main features

SMT temperature resistance

During injection molding, the temperature needs to reach 300-340°C, and it will not be deformed by heat under the IR Reflow operating temperature of 250-270°C.
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high mechanical strength

Due to the rigid aromatic rings in the molecular chain and low water absorption, ARLEN achieves excellent mechanical strength.
Flexural modulus (room temperature, absolute dry state)
E series (E440N) = 14,600MPa

A series (A350) = 17,000MPa

high temperature rigidity

Due to its high glass transition temperature (125°C), it maintains high rigidity even in high-temperature environments such as engine compartments.


Has extremely high mobility.
E series (E630N) flow length = 74mm

Dimensional stability

Bake at 230°C for 20 seconds, the body size change is only 0.015%.

Creep resistance

Not easy to burr.

Chemical Resistance

Has the best chemical resistance among Polyamide-based materials.
Comparison of chemical resistance of ARLEN and PA66 to calcium chloride.
 ARLEN and PA66, PA MXD6 soaked in the chemical resistance of oil, coolant, methanol gasoline comparison.

low water absorption

The reason for the high water absorption rate of Polyamide-based materials is that water molecules will form hydrogen bonds with the amide groups in the molecular structure. By reducing the concentration of amide groups, Mitsui Chemicals makes the water absorption of ARLEN only 1/3 of PA46 and 1/2 of PA66
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Main brand physical specification

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R, E, C series

  1. SMT type connector (DDR, B to B, FPC, PIN HEADER, WAFER, AUDIO Jack, MODULAR JACK, various I/O, memory card holder, power socket, etc...)

  2. SMT type switch (sliding type, push rod type, light touch type, thumb type, etc... )

  3. SMT variable resistors, filters, relays

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A, AE, MN series

1. Automobile and motorcycle brake master cylinder piston, peripheral parts of fuel tank, etc...

2. Automobile cooling system parts, thermostats, various parts inside the engine room, etc...

3. Connectors for automobiles, electronic parts, etc...

4. Bearings, gears, movable parts, etc. for OA equipment and machines...

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Molding conditions

Injection machine

An injection machine with a wear-resistant screw is required (corrosion resistance is required for fireproof specifications).

Please choose an injection machine suitable for the tonnage, so that the single injection weight is 10% or more of the maximum injection weight.

Please use a standard nozzle.


It is necessary to use a mold with wear-resistant steel (corrosion resistance is required for fire protection specifications).

An exhaust port of approximately 10 µm is required.

Prepare to dry

After opening, it will naturally absorb moisture and need to be re-dried.

It is recommended to use a dehumidifier and dry at 110°C for 2 to 6 hours.

Recommended forming conditions

Barrel temperature (°C): 

NH: 320 (315~335)

C3: 320 (320~335)

C2: 320 (315~335)

C1: 310 (300~325)

Below the hopper: 70 (50~90)

Mold temperature: 120 (90~140)

Injection speed: medium speed

Injection pressure: medium pressure

Screw speed: 150rpm

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