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LUBMER is a special polyolefin resin developed by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. LUBMER produced through years of experience in polymerization technology has many outstanding properties. The most prominent feature of LUBMER is its excellent self-lubricating property and wear resistance, which are superior to other engineering plastics. LUBMER can therefore be applied to many mechanical parts, including electronic motor parts that must meet the most stringent friction standards. LUBMER has excellent sound-absorbing properties, so it has been successfully used in offices, household appliances, and audio-visual equipment where excessive noise must be avoided. Therefore, LUBMER can be regarded as an industrial material, and it can also be used in electronic parts, automobile parts, and many products closely related to daily life.

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main features

excellent friction properties

The coefficient of friction of LUBMER is extremely low, and its friction properties are comparable to those of fluoroplastics.

Excellent abrasion resistance

The wear resistance of LUBMER is far superior to other engineering plastics such as plastic steel (POM), nylon (PA6), polyester (PBT).


Has extremely high mobility.
E series (E630N) flow length = 74mm

Excellent formability

LUBMER has good fluidity (L3000 specification), and can be easily injection molded into thin-walled objects. Multi-cavity machining of objects with complex shapes is also possible.

Excellent electrical insulating properties

LUBMER has extremely excellent electrical insulation properties, comparable to other polyolefin resins.

Excellent chemical resistance

LUBMER has excellent chemical resistance and dimensional stability comparable to other polyolefin resins.


LUBMER has a low specific gravity of about 0.965, so it can reduce the weight of the product and reduce the cost.

food safety

LUBMER complies with FDA food grade and can be used on various parts that need to be in direct contact with food, such as food machinery, water dispensers, water valves and other parts.

Physical property table

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LUBMER has a very wide range of applications due to its outstanding and unique lubricity, wear resistance, noise reduction properties, chemical resistance and electrical properties. ​

Office Automation Equipment Parts


car parts


General Equipment Parts / Other Applications


processing method

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